The End of Cyberpunk

Since the summer release of the console version of Dex, our very own cyberpunk RPG game, we’ve really enjoyed bringing you a weekly blog-based article on the richly engrossing and forever-relevant cyberpunk culture.   What did we cover? Take a look back yourself – it really was a whole lot of ground: From defining cyberpunk as a genre to the world’s most seminal cyberpunk works that gave us inspiration during the development of Dex. We also wrote on the topics […]

Time really flies

Well, that’s the way it is. Time is running inexorably and we only rarely get a chance to stop and look back for a moment. We think about the future, chasing after our dreams and plans. And we leave our past behind. But sometimes we just can’t help returning to our past. It mainly happens at times when it’s clear that something will change soon and the things that we have been used to will become mere memories. One such […]